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Custom Drill Categories

Premium, Team, and Association users can organize their drills using custom categories.  This feature gives users a flexible way to keep their drills sorted. 

Custom categories disable our default categories – when you create your first custom category, your drills display as “Uncategorized”. You can use our “Transfer Wizard” tool to quickly re-organize your library with your custom categories (see below for more information)

Creating a New Custom Category

You can create a new custom category from the right-hand side options on the My Drills page. Click on Add Category to get started.

Create a New Custom Drill Category

Changing the Order of Custom Categories

You can modify the order your custom categories list by using the move icon in the list of custom categories on the My Drills page. Simply drag-and-drop the category to change the order.

Assigning Drills to a Custom Category

Once you have created custom categories, you can assign drills to the category while editing a drill, or you can move multiple drills to the category from the right-hand side of the My Drills page (see image below):

Assign Drills to a Custom Category

Transfer Wizard

The “Transfer Wizard” tool can be used to link our system default categories to your new custom categories. The tool can be located by clicking on Add Category option. Simply choose the default category and link it to your custom category. This will move all the drills classified in the selected system default category to your new custom category.

Transfer Wizard Tool
Transfer Wizard Tool – Apply Changes

Reverting to System Default Categories

If you change your mind about using custom categories, simply delete all your custom categories and your My Drills page will revert to the system default categories.

Updated on August 26, 2022

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