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Drill Diagrammer – Tools & Functionality

The HockeyShare Drill Diagrammer is a powerful tool to bring your drills and systems to life. For a video overview of how to use the diagrammer, please see the following article:

Below is an individual breakdown of some of the most popular features of the diagrammer.

Adding Objects to the Surface

Objects and action lines can be easily added to the rink surface by dragging and dropping the desired object on to the surface.

Change Rink Layout

You can easily change the rink layout by clicking on the Rink tab on the left and selecting a new layout. We offer several options including: 1/2 rink, neutral zones, professional, ringette, inline, and more.

Freehand Line Drawing

Freehand line drawing allows you to create complex action patterns – including circles.  The freehand line drawing tool allows you to extend any existing action line already on the surface.  To use the freehand drawing tool, add an action line to the surface, click the action line to highlight it, click the “Freehand Curve Drawing” icon on the bottom toolbar of the diagrammer (paint brush icon), finally, click the surface where you’d like the line to extend.

Selecting Multiple Objects

You can select multiple objects on the surface by holding down the Shift key and clicking on the objects you want to select. You can also use the “Marquee” tool on the bottom toolbar to click and drag over multiple objects.

Object Numbering

You can quickly toggle the subscript numbering on all objects by clicking the “Numbering” toggle in the lower left of the diagrammer.

Customize Object Numbering

You can customize the numbering of objects by double-clicking on the subscript number and typing in a new (numeric) value.

Delete Objects & Action Lines

You can delete objects from the surface by selecting them (shift + click or by using the marquee tool) and clicking the trash can icon in the lower right.

Change Object Color

Object colors can be changed by highlighting the object (or action line) and clicking on one of the color presets. You can also click on the “Active Color” color circle to choose a custom color.

Clone Tool

The clone tool can be used to quickly duplicate objects to the surface. This can be extremely useful when diagramming drills with several players in a line or multiple cones / tires.

Mirror Tool

The mirror tool is used to duplicate objects and actions on the opposite side of the rink with a single click. This is a big time saving feature when you have a drill that “runs out of both ends.”

Rotating Objects

Selected objects can be rotated clock-wise or counter clock-wise by using the rotation tools. This can be useful when running cross-ice games where you need to rotate the nets.

Text Object

The text object can be used to add text notes directly to the surface of the rink. Simply drag-and-drop the text object to the surface, then double-click the top-left corner of the object to begin typing.

Undo / Redo

Quickly undo or redo changes to your drill by clicking the undo / redo icons on the toolbar.

Custom Objects

Custom objects support alpha-numeric modification of both the large object text and the subscript text (up to 2 characters). Drag-and-drop the custom object to the surface and double-click the large text to make changes – you can also double-click the subscript text to make modifications.


When you add objects and action lines to the playing surface, they get stacked on top of each other. Our Send to Back and Send to Front tools can make it easier to select the proper object.


If you would like to zoom in on a particular area of the rink, you can use the Zoom tools. This can be helpful when creating a complex small area drill.

Connecting Lines

You can connect separate action lines (of similar or different types) on the playing surface by enabling the connect lines tool and dragging an endpoint of one line on to the endpoint of another. This will create a single editable action line.


Once you have completed your drill, you can click the Save button in the diagrammer to update the drill image and process the animation (if you created one). You will see a confirmation dialog box pop up when the save is successful.

Updated on August 26, 2022

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