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What’s new in the My Drills section?

We have made many significant improvements to the My Drills section within our beta platform. Here are some of the highlights

Improved Interface & Multi-Drill Action Options

The My Drills section has been completely rewritten to make it easier to browse your drill library and take actions on multiple drills. We’ve added a toolbar at the top of your drill list to take quick action on selected drills. Here’s a quick look:

Add to Plan

Now you can select drills right from the My Drills page and add them quickly to a practice plan. Select drills by clicking near the drill name (the selected drill will highlight in yellow) – more information below. Once you have selected the drills you’d like to add to a plan, click on “Add to Plan” on the top toolbar – you can add the drills to an existing plan or have the system create a new plan.

Selecting Drills

We have made it easier to select multiple drills from your library. Select a single drill by clicking near the drill name. Select a range by holding down the shift key while clicking the first and last drill within a range. Select disjointed drills by holding down Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) and clicking on the drills. Here’s a quick video illustrating:

Drill Tags

Keep better track of your drills by tagging them right from your drill library. Double-click on the right side of the drill to activate tagging options. Here’s how it looks:

We have completely rewritten our search to be incredibly fast, reliable, and accurate. Most users will see a 10x performance improvement for most searches. Our new platform also allows for some typo consideration when presenting search results. We have also added new search filters to further refine your results. Here is a list of filters we have enabled within our beta testing phase:

  • Animations
  • Diagram Types
  • Half-Ice
  • Favorites
  • Video
  • Multiple Diagrams
  • Shared
  • Category
  • Custom Category
  • Age Level


Users will now have their entire library loaded – no more expanding categories with a lot of drills. Behind the scenes we have implemented caching to keep your drill library loading quickly. Users with over 1,000 drills in their library will see a significant improvement in loading speeds.

Quick Filter List

Use quick filters at the top of the page to quickly filter the list of drills shown in your library.

In the above example, only drills containing media (animations or videos) will be displayed in the list. Clicking the “Media” filter again would remove the filter from the list.

Updated on March 30, 2023

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