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Getting Started – 10k Pucks

The 10k Pucks section is a free feature for players to track the number of pucks they shoot. In order to use the 10k Pucks section, a HockeyShare account is necessary. After you register for an account, you can use 10k Pucks as a player, team, or association. Please see below for details for each account type.


Player profiles are used to track pucks shot by an individual. Create a new player profile by going to 10k Pucks >> Players and clicking on New Profile (note – you will need to be logged in).


Teams are for coaches and/or managers who would like to track their players progress. Create a new team by going to 10k Pucks >> Teams and clicking on New Team.

Coaches should NOT create player profiles for everyone on their team – players should create their own HockeyShare accounts and link themselves to your team


If you are a leader of an association and would like to create multiple teams, go to 10k Pucks >> Associations and click on New Association. Once you have created the association, you can click on Teams and create teams for your association.

Updated on August 26, 2022

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