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Linking Player Profiles to a Team

If you are using the 10k Pucks platform and are looking to track your shots with your team, you can link your player profile to your team.  Please note – your team must already be set up by the coach / manager before you can link your profile to the team.  Players should NOT set up teams – this should only be done by coaches, managers, or association administrators.  In order to link your player profile to a team in our database, please use the following steps:

  1. Go to the 10k Pucks section
  2. Click on the “Players” link 
  3. Click the “Track Shots” button next to your profile you want to link to your team – note that if you have not yet set up a player profile, you will need to create one before continuing this process
  4. Click the “Link to Team” link next to your name (screenshot below)
  5. Search for your team by keyword – tip: use less specific keywords if you’re having trouble finding your team – for example, instead of searching for “Kenosha Jets Mite Travel B Team”, search for “Kenosha Jets” – this will help find your team in case it hasn’t been entered exactly the way you searched for it
  6. Click on your team from the list of search results – you’re all set, you can now see the team information at the bottom of your “Track Shots” page
Link to Team

I can’t find my team

If you aren’t able to find your team on the Link to Team page, try broadening your search terms.  For example, instead of typing in “Markham Waxers Bantam AAA” try searching just “Markham” or “Waxers”.  If you still aren’t able to find your team, your team may not have registered for the contest yet.

Changing Teams

If you need to change the in your 10k Pucks player profile.  Go to the 10k Pucks section, click on Players, then select Track Shots for the profile you want to update.  At the top of this page you’ll see an area toward the top left of the page with your current team along with an option to “Change Team” – click the “Change Team” link to update your profile.  See screenshot below.

Change Linked Team
Updated on June 11, 2022

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