• What’s new in the My Drills section?

    We have made many significant improvements to the My Drills section within our beta platform. Here are some of the highlights Improved Interface & Multi-Drill Action Options The My Drills section has been completely rewritten to make it easier to browse your drill library and take actions on multiple drills….

  • What’s new in the diagrammer?

    Our drill diagrammer has undergone lots of behind the scenes improvement and many user experience improvements as well. Here’s a quick list of what we’ve added in Diagrammer 5.1.x – we out line the major features in greater detail below the list: If you are interested in testing our beta…

  • Can I get access to the beta?

    Our beta testing program has limited spots available and is currently only available for our Premium, Association, or Pro subscribers. If you are interested in participating in our beta program, please visit the My Account section and choose “Enable Beta Features”: https://www.hockeyshare.com/account/

  • Deleting a Team

    Learn how to completely delete your team from our Team Manage platform

  • Creating Custom Pages

    Custom pages can be added to your team pages to add information for your players / families. 

  • Password Protecting Your Team

    Password protection requires anyone with your Team URL to enter a password prior to viewing any of the content on the team page.

  • Sending Emails to Your Team

    You can send team announcements to your team (up to 50 recipients) through our Team Manage section.